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North State Custom was founded in 1970. From the beginning, our goal has been to achieve and maintain the highest quality collision repairs possible. From humble beginnings, armed only with a small toolbox, five hundred dollars of borrowed money, and a goal, North State has grown into one of the largest and well-respected Auto Body repair shops in Westchester County.

repairing high-end vehicles

North State specializes in repairing high-end vehicles. Our facility has been designed and stocked with the best and latest high tech equipment that enables us to correctly repair today’s most advanced vehicles.

North State Custom

High-quality Auto Body Repairs

Our repair technicians have some of the highest certifications in the business. North State Custom, along with all body and mechanic technicians, are I-Car Certified, and additionally, several of our Technicians are I-Car Platinum Certified. Please visit our Certifications page for more details.

North State Custom

North State

North State also became one of the first in the country to be certified to repair aluminum vehicles for Jaguar Cars, Audi, and approved by BMW North America. We are also part of the Tesla Motors Certified repair program, which is strictly an aluminum repair certification along with being an Audi Authorized Repair Facility.

quality and customer service

We will give you and your car the same attention to quality and customer service no matter what kind of vehicle you drive and North State will guarantee your repair for as long as you own your car.
Quality and service are important factors, but one of the most important things we do is work for you, not the insurance company. You may ask, “What does that mean?“ It is a good question.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies in the past decade have contracted with body shops to join in their direct repair programs. Insurance companies try convincing customers to use their programs under the false impression that you will receive better, faster, guaranteed repairs. The shops on these programs work for the insurance companies, not for you.

That means they will repair the car in a way that is best for the insurance company, with the use of aftermarket and junkyard parts along with other corner-cutting cheap methods. The guarantee offered is not from the insurer, it is from the shop they chose for you. If you have a problem with the repair the insurer will direct you back to that shop and leave you to deal with the problem.

Safe & Quality Repair

North State is not on any insurance company programs. Our only concern is that our customers receive a safe, quality repair.

North State Custom
North State Custom
North State Custom